Cloud-based communication

Make your communication easy and simple to use.

Experience a limitless featured phone system

Unlimited Calling

Take unlimited calls going out or coming in. No limits when placing calls, and never get a busy signal.

Unlimited Fax

Send unlimited fax instantly from your email, PC applications or mobile device.

Call Recording

Monitor service quality and preserve important discussions.


Schedule, moderate and record HD audio conferences for up to 9 participants at any time

Mobile Anywhere

Take your calls on the go. Have calls be sent wherever you are, mobile phone, home line or even to a colleague.

Auto Attendant

Have an auto-attendant answer calls for you. With SpectrumVoice you can customize your initial greetings, missed calls or maybe after hours message.


Receive real-time messages across all channels. IOS and Android.

SIP Trunk

Save money while growing your business.Keep your PBX system and decrease service cost.Convert traditional phone system to IP-based communications.

Data Analytics

Get great insight to your call logs, messaging, team groups and more. Keep a record of important conversations threads.

Add-ons Customization

Enhance your team collaboration with custom plugins for a customized communication.

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